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Rev. Dr. Craig A. Young, Sr.  is a man that “walks his talk”. He is a devoted husband to his wife, Katherine, for 25 years as of June 2016. They have a daughter, two sons and a grandson and Craig lives his ministry philosophy every day- “being fully loved and fully alive can certainly be more than just a notion.”


Katherine knew from the start of her marriage that God was calling her to something different, even special, in her union to Craig. Although she’s a straight shooter possessing a willingness to call things as she sees them, she knew she perfectly complimented her husband’s laid back and calm demeanor.  As they discovered God’s purpose for their marriage, Katherine began serving alongside her husband in marriage and family ministry and co-founded Perfected In Unity.  In 2019, Craig and Katherine released their first book, Solid as A Rock:  Navigating Life's Currents toward a Rock- Solid Marriage.

Craig and Katherine have consistently served in marriage and family ministry for over 23 years. They began leading a marriage enrichment ministry at their local church in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Craig also served as the Director of Couples Ministry at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX where Dr. Tony Evans serves as Senior Pastor. They believe that God created marriage so that a man and woman would experience an unconditional love relationship that is reflected in the Trinity, that the biblical mandate of two becoming one is a lifelong process that takes time and effort, and that the principles found in God’s Word are the key tools needed to cultivate a healthy covenant relationship. Through teaching, coaching, and modeling, couples can experience the true joy of living out God’s design for marriage. The vibrant love shared during the honeymoon does not have to be just a fond memory.  What seems lost can be recaptured and reclaimed! With vertical and horizontal commitment, every married couple can be fully loved and fully alive (John 17:23).

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