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Our seminars and workshops are based on solid biblical teachings and foundational truths rooted in Scripture. Start living in the true purpose of your marriage!

Prepare Enrich is a research developed tool used by pastors, counselors and spiritual leaders in many parts of the US and world. This tool gives practitioners a “snap shot” of the current condition of a couple’s relationship. The tool also includes a number of exercises that couples can complete to enhance the health of their relationship. Practitioners who are trained to become Prepare Enrich facilitators are set up to have full access to ordering tools whenever needed as well as best practices when using the couples exercises. Please visit the Prepare Enrich website for more details about the tool and contact us if you would like to be trained as a facilitator. The cost of becoming a certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator is $150/person. Special discounts are available for organizations with more than 4 registrants.  Next training:  Oct 24, 2020 

A fun, hands-on workshop designed to provide couples with biblical insight and practical strategies in laying a solid foundation in their marriage relationship.

Topics include: Good Communication=Good Relationship, Friends Do Matter, Keeping It Hot, Know Your Marriage Purpose, and much more!

Learn techniques to encourage and embrace your differences within the marriage, leading to acceptance and appreciation.

Topics include:Understanding leads to Oneness, Identify personal strengths and growth areas, Understand God’s plan and purpose for your marriage, and much more!

Everyone’s life has stress, it’s how you manage the stress factors that matters in your marriage.

Topics include: Define your stress, Identifying common causes of stress/stressors, Understand how to manage stress God’s way, Develop a biblical plan to manage stress that promotes oneness.

We all know we need to communicate but how do we become successful communicators to our spouse?

Topics include: Understand the barriers to communication, Identify ways to make your relationship a priority, Communication skills to overcome conflict, and much more!

Marriages, like individuals, have an identity that is rooted and founded in Christ. Learning to understand and accept your marriage identity will lead to joy, happiness and a productive relationship.
Topics include:  Building a biblical theology of family, Define your “Distinctly Christian Marriage,” Develop ways to strengthen the family covenant, and much more!

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